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We at GoBioPak have listened to the concerns of environmentalists, scientists, government agencies, politicians, community leaders and found perfect replacement for toxic food packaging like Styrofoam choking drainage systems, contaminating rivers, polluting landfills and causing health issues.

Polystyrene foam packaging commonly known as Styrofoam has been a topic of environmental debate for decades, and several international brands have made moves to phase it out. This slow trend may have been accelerated when the National Research Council (NRC) affirmed that the organic compound styrene can “reasonably be anticipated to be a human carcinogen.”

In terms of consumer hazards, the biggest styrene concern is with food packaging, as studies have shown this substance can leech out of polystyrene takeout food and drink containers. According to scientists, if you drink coffee or soup or eat Chinese food from polystyrene foam container you can potentially be exposed to this chemical, which government agencies consider reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.

We offer 3D printing on almost all biodegradable and natural Kraft paper products including Coffee Cups, Burger Boxes, Molded Pulp Lunch Boxes & Paper Bags etc. At GoBioPak we offer free logo printing free warehousing for large orders and free delivery for all orders.

Our innovative tooling and technological solutions help us design and customize biodegradable and recycle packaging products for each customer requirements. Customization is our core solution and we offer free layout design, customized samples in food services sector, industrial packaging, hospital disposable products. We are helping organizations replace toxic petroleum-based Styrofoam with organic biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials that protects the planet.

You can rely on GoBioPak for printed or embossed biodegradable/compostable disposable packaging. Contact us..for more information.


United States Municipal Solid Waste ( in millions of tons )
Recovered Paper Packaging Containers ( in millions of tons )
Recovered Plastic Packaging Containers ( in millions of tons )
Community Composting Programs (Units)

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