Custom Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging,as obvious and clear from its name refers to the packaging having greater sustainability. Sustainable packaging is the most important competitive factor amongst industries. One of the most important trends in marketing assures that product customization influence consumer behavior and buying decisions. In the last years,clients have been demanding new and personal products. Besides, social networks help them to share activities and conducts.

And one of the most attractive things they want to share with friends and relatives are their creations and love for the planet.

In food markets, natural Kraft paper pouches and bags will continue to take market share from rigid packaging applications through 2019, fueled by inherent advantages of flexible products such as light weight and space savings.

80% of brand owners agree that packaging influences brand value. You can rely on GOBIOPAK for your Packaging needs such as resealable kraft paper bags, easy to open, and extends product shelf life which is now very very important to brand owners and consumers.

32% of consumers associate recyclable Kraft paper packaging with being modern or for the better word, environmentally-friendly.