Eco-friendly/Recycle Kraft Paper Packaging

What happens when packaging products are disposed off? Often, they become litter and end up costing US tax payers billions of dollars.But now, there’s war being wage against Styrofoam. Litter is a big concern of governments and environmental agents:its dangers and costs have been proven many times, but few in the plastic sector have seemed to care. A lot of organizations nowadays firmly believe that to be environmentally friendly as possible, they have to minimize their packaging and have to use plant-based materials instead.

Recyclable, environment-friendly packaging is the new trend in food packaging and one of the most commonly used packaging items that brands have been using is the Kraft paper.

This type of paper is preferred by more brands because it is recyclable and durable enough to package their products.

Here are the emerging trends that must be considered in packaging design:

Eco-friendly/Recycle Packaging

  • Made from natural materials
  • Nature inspired
  • Edible packaging
  • Carbon-neutral processes

Businesses that are working hard towards innovating their product or launching a new one must also consider that packaging evolves too either in style or materials used. Updating a brand’s packaging is beneficial since it doesn’t only freshen up the look of the product but also attract the consumers to buy.

Consumers are also increasingly realizing the environmental values of the things they buy, which makes manufacturers more concerned about nature. In fact, even bigger brands like Coca Cola and Estee Lauder pointed out that they can manage to be sustainable and can do so without compromising their signature package.

Food products continue to hold the largest market share of sustainable packaging. With one- or two-person households representing 61 percent of all U.S. households, packages sized to serve one or two people have become a big trend in packaging. Such formats include single-serve packaging, meals for two, multi-packs of individual portions, and resealable packaging.